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I dedicate this website to all who love life.

The Wizardapprentice can be viewed as a portfolio website, because that is how it was first introduced in 2005. I made the website as a school assignment and after that kept updating it and adding more work.

My name is Melanie. I am a storyteller and an artist. I am a Nederlander, born in Amsterdam, raised in Almere.

I graduated from the Utrecht School of the Arts and was granted a Master of Arts in Animation in 2007 when I wrote a thesis about comics and animations and came up with a new medium that I called the e-comicani.Visit this link if you would like to know what this project is about.

As an animator i worked for the Mediamonks. They are no bananas. They make websites. I had a good time mastering my skills and delivering the deadlines. Now I occasionally help people out, creating banners, logo's and designs. But my prime objective at the moment, is to create my own comic, to expand my capabilies and probabilities.

The wizard Apprentice, as a character, is someone that is still a great deal of a mystery to me. Slowly this story is unfolding about a young girl who learns magic from an old wizard cat in a wheelchair, called The Wheelchair Wizard. I named the website after her, because her understanding of the harlequin cat universe, mirrors my own.

The Harlequin Cat presents: the Wizardapprentice. There are many characters and stories living on this website, it goes back a long way. I will soon be celebrating a 10 year anniversary. The Wizardapprentice represens a great variety of my work and is ever developing. I like sharing what I do with all of you surfers out there. Look forward to more e-comicani's and such in the future and I may happily surprise you.


Name: Melanie E. A. Frings

Born: Januari 17, 1982, in Amsterdam

Currently: Starting up my own company, de HarlekijnKat

Inspiration: (to name a few) Akira Toriyama 's work, J.R.R. Tolkien, Jim Henson, Jackie Chan, Usagi Yojimbo, life and heavy metal music.

Future Goal: To grow old and wise to tell all sorts of stupid and strange stories to the younger generations.

I have been drawing as long as i can remember, and consider myself an animating comic artist.


Download my CV here (currently only in Dutch)