Oorth Planet Oorth



Planet Oorth is one of the five planets in the Harlequin Cat Galaxy. The other planets are planet Hell, planet Ice, planet Barok and the newly discovered planet Paradise.

At the current time the dominant species of Oorth are human, but these species are threatened with extinction due to a zombie apocalypse that took place a decade before. 

symbol Zombieswamp Zombie swamps have caused the planet Oorth to have become partially uninhabiteble. Due to this and the fact that the neighbouring planet Barok turned into a death rock, space travel is now rapitly developing. Artificial islands and cities are being build to protect and keep the populous that are to travel to outer space in check.

Apart from these isolated cities, the rest of the world is technologically less advanced, some places are quite primitive, even. But not all of the world is crawling with zombies, like the isolated cities like to think. In fact, the better half of the planet Oorths population is still in relatively good health and holding their own.

symbol_DoordedamAnd in a little city called Doordedam a special species of cat was discovered that can talk and act like a human person. This cat is being raised among humans and is now going to highschool.

The greatest artificial city of planet Oorth is called Space City.

symbol Space City

Space City is the superior city, and the place to be, if one wants to rank themselfes among the lucky that will travel to outer space in search for better planets to live on.

Space city has a satellite  circling the planet that is inhabited by scientists researching other planets. And a planet has been discovered already that fits their discription and demands, they dubbed this planet, planet Paradise.


map of Oorth

About the zombies of planet Oorth.

Different kinds of zombies exist on planet Oorth, there are ... (coming soon)