My impressions of social media and why I dont use it.


Not so long ago I was a regular social media user, I had a google account, via gmail, before it became Google+, I also had a LinkedIn, a Youtube page and a Deviantart page and counting.
And then one day I decided to end all these accounts.

The reason I did this, to take control over my own life.
Do I now have control of my own life?
Not even remotely, it turns out taking control over your own life has nothing to do with social media. I am still an idiot.
But having no social media does have it's advantages.
It makes you creative, because it is harder to reach people and it makes you more appreciative of sharing contacts.

No offense to anybody to whom social media is of an unmistakeble great value, because i'm sure it genuinely is to some.
I have seen wonderful examples, like a man dancing around the world and more and more people joining him with every city he journey's to.
And a great bulk of talented new people have come out of the woodworks and are expressing themselves in ways, the likes of which the world has never seen before. New languages seem to be developing...

I follow the internet with great interest.

But I like to like without the button, why?
My issue is not with the people that are on social media, nore do I have anything against free expression or against free communication.

Am I now living in a social vacuum?
Yes, but that is not because i am not on social media, but because I choose a more quiet life for the moment, to focus on work. I will be back into the fringe and when that happens, you will know.

But I like social media like I like escalators, I don't.
I think these devices are remarkebly alike. In negative terms they are forceful mechanisms, unnecccery when it really comes down to it, and they can grind you down, if you don't watch your step. To me the negative aspects of social media outweigh the positive.

Social media is without a doubt a communication platform. But its fleeting nature, it prefernce to relevance, above importance, and the alienating effects it creates on people who don't use these media, make me reject social media.

Relevant is not what is important, imporant is what important. When computer chatter can see that, I may take on a different stance. And when I go back to social life, I go back to social life, and media has a no say in it.

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